Question: Can I still get a breast augmentation if I’ve had a DVT?

I had a DVT last year and have been on blood thinners since as well as having a mesh stent installed in my iliac vein. I’ve had one plastic surgeon cancel a consult bc of the risks and I’m waiting to hear back from another. I am heart broken as I’ve waited for what seems like forever to make sure that we’re done having kids and hat were in a good place financially! Are there are board certified surgeons who will do this?
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Thanks for reaching out Kista. The question of what to do in someone who has had a previous DVT is a tricky one. The cause would be an important factor and then your surgeon would take that and all of the other details of your health history into consideration. 

DVT's can happen for a lot of reasons. Two of the most common are genetic tendencies and some kind of trauma (like surgery). If your cause was a high risk genetic predisposition, that would make most surgeons pretty nervous. If your cause was a specific thing that happened and is not likely to happen again, other physicians and surgeons may not view that as an issue.  

One proactive step that you might take would be to meet with a hematologist. That person is an expert on blood and clotting and may be able to provide you with helpful guidance and, if he or she tells you that a 45 minute procedure is unlikely to cause significant risk, a surgeon would find that information useful.

Have a great day, and please be sure to visit our page dedicated to breast augmentation for several helpful resources!


Dr. Jeremy Pyle

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