Question: My right breast implant is still high.. is this normal 7 days post op?

Hi there! I am 1 week out today from getting my BA! Last Thursday I got a TT, MR and BA (deflated B to 475cc Mentor memory gel HP unders). I love them and have had a very easy recovery- no constant pain, no pain meds after day 3, standing straight day 4 and feeling completely normal today! One problem, my right implant just isn’t dropping. My left looks fabulous and has even started to round out and then there is my right one-oval shaped, high and in my armpit. I went Tuesday for my 1st follow up and my PS wasn’t concerned and said it will drop and not to stress and gave me a band to wear only taking off when I shower. I’ve wore it now since Tuesday around 10:00 am, not took it off any and not seen any difference. Of course I’ve googled and googled and drove myself crazy and I’m now convinced it won’t ever drop. Please tell me, is this normal? Will it drop? Will they be even and most importantly is anything wrong? Thank you so much!!!!

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Thanks so much for being here and for taking the time to ask a question.

The short answer is that implants almost always look vastly different after a few months than they look during the first weeks.

The surgical recovery process is not something you do alone. Your surgeon and his or her team will want to be a part of your recovery journey just as they were before surgery.  

I know that may seem unhelpful but I truly believe that this soon after surgery, less cooks in the kitchen leads to better care.  


Dr. Jeremy Pyle 

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