Question: What's the best way to get cleavage when getting breast implants?

Hi, I had a BA 2 years ago. I was not even an A cup at that time. I got 325cc silicon Mentor high profile implants, unders. Now I am a medium C cup.There is a huge gap (more than a female hand) between my girls. They look like something is pushing them aside, i have no cleavage but a great side boob, and the lower part of my breasts is also nice full. I am thinking about a revision, however I do not know if a bigger implant (400-500cc) moderate profile could give me that nice upper pool fullness/augmented look. Do I still have hope?  Thank you in advance.

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Thanks so much for the question!

A written description is never as good as an exam, so this may be wrong, but I bet I know what happened.  An implant has to be put where the breast tissue is and behind where the areola is. If the implant is not centered behind the nipple it pushes the nipple out to one direction and looks weird. 

It sounds like you have three goals: 

1. Fullness in the center of the breast, 2. sideboob and 3. fullness towards the center. My guess is that because you have a very narrow implant (325 HP is a pretty narrow implant unless you are VERY narrow yourself), and because you have two of your goals met, the use of a wider and/or larger implant may well solve your issue. If you want to stay the same size, Allergan makes an implant called Low Plus Profile that can be really useful in this setting but you wouldn't use that for larger than about 320cc in most people.

The good news is that if you want to go up to the mid 400's, and if we are using the implant to fill a space that was very likely opened up during your first surgery, you would probably qualify for what I would call a Simple Implant Exchange. That can be done with you awake and you can actually look in a mirror with the temporary sizers in place to make sure that we pick the volume you want. It's one of my favorite things to do because it provides the rare opportunity for you, as the patient, to make the decision based on what you see. No one knows what you want more than you do.  It can also be done with you asleep and neither requires a lot of recovery. 

Check it out here:

Thanks for being here and for asking. I wish you the best!

Dr. Jeremy Pyle

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