Question: I'm having pain in my right breast since getting breast implants. What should I do?

Hello, I had BA 1.5 years ago. I suffered from my right breast during my healing process. It healed so slowly and there was always pain. After I while I was feeling better. But  for last 3-4 weeks it started to pain again. It is so discomfort. When I sleep none of the positions is good for me. There is sth like inside and pushes the implant. I had mammography and ultrason 1 week ago. There is nothing. Everything seems so healthy. Also since my surgery there is still hypersensivity in my right breast. What should I do?

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Thanks for being here and for asking. 

That's a tough one. Without being able to do an exam, I can't provide a ton of benefit. I will say that most sudden onset pain this far after an augmentation seems to be muscle related and temporary, though it can take a while to go away. 

If you are being seen and followed by someone near you who can do an exam and provide some specific guidance, I would lean that way.  

Have a great day and I wish you nothing but the best!

Dr. Jeremy Pyle

Thank you so much Dr.Jeremy. I forgot to say that my implants are over the muscle. Do you think it can be related with muscle? Or any other muscle in my body? For instance I have a rotator cuff injury on my right shoulder and I have also pain there. May it affect my right breast?

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Thanks for the update. It's one of those things I could tell you with a  quick exam but which I can't tell you over the internet.  Have you talked with your surgeon about it?

Thank you Dr. Jeremy, No I could not see him yet as he is on holiday. But I will see. Thank you indeed

your online support :)

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