Question: What financial plans are a good option for someone who doesnt have credit?

I am getting the Ideal Implants in a few months but have been looking into different financial plans. I have no credit though, but I do have someone who could be a cosigner. Thank you!
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Thanks for your question, Hallie.  I have two strict rules in my consultations: 1. I'm not allowed to schedule and 2. I'm not allowed to talk about money. With the schedule it's because there are a lot of nuances to it and I'm just not as good at it as the team members who do it. Regarding money and financing, it's just not my field of expertise. When I talk about money I'm just awkward.  There may be folks at your surgeon's office who can guide you on the process and, in the event it may be helpful, here is a link to our financing website.

Have a wonderful day and thank you for being here,

Dr. Jeremy Pyle

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