Question: Under or over the muscle

Hi there . I was wondering what the difference is when the implant is placed above and below the muscle. More specif Call which gives the a more natural result? I am looking to get natural results but still having them perfectly perked just without the stuffed football look , why is it that some implants look really fake and odd while others look great? For instance sometimes a double d cup can look subtle and fall nicely while another s cup can look huge. Would really appreciate some guidance regarding my concerns! Thank you :))
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Thanks for being here and for your question!  There's a lot that goes into determining what the best approach would be for you specifically, and it's something that we would discuss in detail during your consultation.  

In general, though, it's possible to achieve a natural appearing result with the implants placed either above or below the muscle, and one of the most important factors in deciding what would be best for you is your starting point in terms of breast tissue.  That's also typically the reason that women can very different appearances (natural vs augmented) with different sizes and styles of implants.  

We've found that the combination of talking through the options to best determine your ideal goals and using our Vectra 3-D imaging system to simulate results with different sizes and styles of implants really helps ensure that we develop a plan that works best for you.

I hope that's a helpful start- please let us know if you have any additional questions!


Dr. Wood

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