Question: My breasts are sore and red!

I am 3 months PO and my left breast is very sore, swollen and now red underneath. My right breast feels fine but has developed red lines on it. I do lift a very large baby all day everyday (27lbs). Could that be related? What is going on? I’m so worried! Thanks!!
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Thanks so much for reaching out and asking.  My advice to almost anyone who has had surgery is to lean first on the team that you have entrusted with your care to this point. They will have more knowledge of your specific body and your specific surgery in a way that will almost certainly be more valuable than a forum like this.  If there is a reason you don't feel comfortable with your surgeon or your office, it is not unreasonable to seek out another opinion but I know that if you were my patient, I would want to know that you are having issues and I would want the opportunity to help.  Have you reached out to them?



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