Question: Excessive Needing after suture removal

I had surgery 2 weeks ago and suture removal 11 days after that. Since that day I have been bleeding/draining from a small incision under my breast. Should I let this wound close on its own? Do I need to get sutures again (sounds painful). If I don’t packet, I bleed through my shirts.
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Hi Sonia, thanks for your question.  I know that issues like you're describing are a source of anxiety in the early period after surgery, and if I can be of reassurance, it's not unusual to have that to a small degree of oozing after removing sutures.  Nonetheless, these are the types of things that I would certainly want to hear about directly from my patients and see in person if needed, so I would recommend that you reach out to your surgeon, as I am sure that he or she would want to be aware.

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