Question: Chills but no fever

I am 4DPO and my pain has been more than expected but I am managing it. My breaths have definitely seemed a little more labored but i can still focus on taking a full breath when I remain hypervigilant. I feel cold and hot flashes by my temperature is normal. Is this something I should see my surgeon for or is this normal at this stage in recovery? I am currently taking Keflex 3 times a day (roughly every 8 hours) and ibuprofen occasionally for a pain. Saw my surgeon yesterday and was told everything feels and looks great. 

Thank you in Advance!


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Hi Chelsey, thanks for your question.  It's not unusual to have those types of concerns in the first few days after surgery.  As you mentioned, I would focus on taking slow, deep breaths, and that should help open your lungs to make your breathing feel less labored.  It's reassuring that your surgeon was comfortable with everything at your visit, and I would certainly advise reaching out to that office if you have other concerns since these are the kinds of questions that I always want to know about from my patients.

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