Question: Dent in my right breast...

I had my BA on August 9 of this year. I was absolutely in love with my breasts as soon as I woke up and until about 5-6 weeks out. Then I felt like my breasts completely separated... I know I don't naturally have anatomy for cleavage but I felt deflated, and my right breast seems lower and even more deflated than my left. There is also this weird dent looking spot towards the center of my chest - next to the start of my implant/breast. The photo with the grey shorts is from August 22... I absolutely loved them. The other photo is now. I'm trying so hard to not be discouraged by I went from such a high.... 

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Hi Ariel,

Thank you for your question.  It sounds like the changes that you have noticed are the result of a combination of two things primarily.  At this point, most of the swelling has gone down and that can certainly impact the appearance of your breasts compared to how they look in the first few days or weeks after surgery.  The second thing that happens in this time period is a gradual settling of your implants into position.  As that happens, you may notice less fullness of the upper portion or your breasts, and depending on the type of implants and position of the implants (above or below the muscle), you may notice changes along the inner portion of the implant near the center of your chest.  

I will say that things do continue to evolve up to at least 6-9 months after surgery, so this may not be the final appearance and it's very possible that there will be overall improvement.  That being said, I would certainly recommend having a conversation with your surgeon as these are discussions that I think are best had in person so that you can go through the options.  If you reach a point that things have stabilized in appearance and you're still less that completely satisfied, some women elect to exchange their implants for a different type or size, which is generally a procedure with very little downtime.  

All the best,

Dr. Wood

Thank you so much! That is great information, and I was able to schedule an appointment for next Friday with my surgeon.
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