Question: Can you tell if someone had breast augmentation by touch?

Im considering a breast augmentation..i want to go from a B cup to a C cup..and im just wondering...are they going to feel and move like natural breast tissue. Im aware of course that it depends on many things like amount of tissue , size and profile of the implant , placement and of course the plastic surgeon.
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Thanks for your question and for being a part of Eden Knows.  To me, the most important characteristics in whether or not implants feel like implants are these three things:

1.  The amount and type of breast tissue that a person has. The more tissue, and the denser the tissue, the more natural your implants will feel.  In someone with a lot of dense tissue, the other two factors are far less important. In someone with very little natural tissue or fat, the other two characteristics are more important.

2.  The type of implant used. Saline implants are nice in that they provide peace of mind for people who don't feel comfortable with silicone implants but, at the end of the day, they are just bags of water. As a result, they often feel less natural than silicone gel implants. 

3.  Whether the implants are above or below the muscle. Implants below the muscle have the advantage of a thick layer of muscle tissue covering the implant at the top and towards the middle of the chest. Implants below the muscle aren't, however, covered by muscle towards the outside under the armpit and along the bottom. For people without a ton of breast tissue, especially with the more palpable implants, that's the part where it may be noticeable.

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