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Hello! I’m just curious as to the process and how well implants to doing from unders to overs. I’ve got 450cc unders, which only moves me from an A cup to a small C. After having children, I’m contemplating transitioning to overs. I work out and feel like the chest muscles are just compressing the implants I have now. They’re also quite wide set with all the side boob and no middle cleavage. Would overs help that situation?
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Hi Katie,

Thanks for your question!  There are a couple of options when you are considering changing the position of your implants.  It's not unusual for implants to fall further to the side over time, and that can mainly be addressed in a couple of ways.  If you'd like to keep the implants in the same position (under the muscle), it's possible to add in a biologic mesh (we prefer one called Galatea), to act as an internal bra to support the position of the implants, moving them upward and closer to the middle of your chest.  In your case, if you've noticed compression of the implants from your muscles, it is also possible to change from under the muscle to above the muscle, in which case we create a new space for your implants to better position them.  You could combine that with changing the type/style or size of the implants if you desire.  After having children, some women may also be interested in combining that surgery with a breast lift to restore nipple-areolar position.  I hope that is helpful, let us know if you have any other questions!

All the best,
Dr. Wood

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