Question: Are implants safe if I have family history of breast cancer?

My mother has had breast cancer and I’m concerned that if I have implants then this might harm my health or stop cancer being detected in my own breasts?
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Thanks for your question, Rachael.  I'm sorry that your family was affected by breast cancer and I wish you and your mother the best.

The role that implants play in screening and detecting breast cancer is, like most things, not entirely clear.  There is some evidence that implants make it harder to see breast tissue in a mammogram but that may be affected by the quality of the exam and the type of exam done. 

The question of whether or not implants might harm your health is an easier one. Every surgery has some risks, and so there is the chance that something would happen during or as a result of your surgery.  Given that, one might ask . . .well then why do it?  Because there is also a chance your life is improved.  A quick trip over to  bustmob or reading stories like Kaley Cuoco's ( ) will lead you to literally thousands of people's stories whose lives have been made better.

Hope this helps and it means the world to me that you reached out.


Dr. Pyle

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