Question: Can A small reduction and implants be done at the same time?

I want to go down in size about 100-200 grams but want full and perky breasts so I’d like to get implants at the same time. Thanks!

Hi Alexandra,

Thanks for your question! It is certainly possible to combine a small volume reduction with placement of implants at the same time. Many women are interested in lifting the position of the nipple/areola as well as restoring fullness to their breasts with implants, and that can be done with either a breast lift (mastopexy) or small breast reduction.  

In general, the way to determine which would be a better option for you is to talk through your goals and assess how much breast volume you would like to have reduced (typically from the lower portion of the breasts) in order to achieve the full appearance that you're seeking.  We have a 3D imaging system to assist with that, and while it does not show the result of a breast reduction, it can simulate a breast lift and placement of implants of different volumes, which will help guide our conversation and decision-making process.  I hope that's helpful, don't hesitate to reach out with any additional questions!

Dr. Wood

Thank you so much I really appreciate the fast reply!!
One more question! I know you can’t give an exact but what would an estimate of the cost range be for a small reduction and implants at the same time be around?

You're welcome!  Our patient care coordinators will be your best resource for pricing, if you'd like to email them directly the address is

Alternatively, you can access our pricing through the website here:

Let us know if there are any additional questions that we can answer!

Dr. Wood

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