Question: How much is breast implants

I want to know how much breast implants are and can anyone accept payments? Is hard to get full cash straight up espiecly with kids
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Thanks for being here and for asking.  I don't actually know what our prices are, off-hand, but we have a resource for exactly that question here:

It turns out, the most common question we get asked is. . .how much does it cost.  So we built a resource to give you an idea. The full answer though is that it depends upon the practice and what they provide as well as a bunch of other things. Some practices offer everything in the cost (the surgeon fees, OR fees, anesthesia fees, bras, implants, revisions, follow up forever etc.) while some practices only offer some of those things.  So when you are price shopping, make sure you know everything you are getting for the cost they are telling you.  

The most expensive aspects of an augmentation tend to be the cost of the implants and the cost of the surgeon.  It's definitely not true that the more expensive the surgeon, the better the surgeon, but I do believe that there is some truth to discount surgeons requiring a little more research on your end to make sure you understand why they are discounted.

Regarding financing, that's a very common question and a tool that a lot of people lean on. We built a resource for that too that you can find here:

Thanks for being here, have a great day.

Dr. Pyle

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