Question: not what I asked for

Just was unwrapped 2 days ago Shocked to see I’m not any bigger Always said I wanted to be bigger Showed pictures I’ve what I wanted I’m Very upset What can be done I have smooth under the muscle round silicone and this is not my first breast surgery and by the same dr

Hi Rita,

Thanks for your question. I think it's always important to convey that the appearance of implants (even with regard to the volume) can change substantially as you progress during the recovery period.

At this early stage in your recovery, I would recommend having a conversation with your surgeon regarding the type and volume of implants that were selected, and what the expectations are for how the appearance of the implants may evolve over the upcoming weeks and months. With smooth implants, it can be a very straightforward process to exchange to a large size (depending on exactly how much larger you would like to go), but I do think it's best to wait at least 6-9 months to allow those changes to take place and stabilize before making a decision to exchange implants.

Hope that is helpful!

All the best,

Dr. Wood

Thank you so much for your professional advice. You’ve given me hope
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