Question: Can a big enough implant keep me from getting a lift

I got implants 3 weeks ago. Dr told me i wouldn't need a lift. I went to my 2 week post op. Implants are still high and i have some skin still kinda saggy at the bottom almost like capsular contracture... dr says once implants drop that it wont be like that anymore. Do you believe this to be accurate??
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Thanks for writing. Two things.  First, Implants change a lot between about 2 and 8 weeks and continue changing for 9-12 months after an augmentation.  I can't say for certain without seeing you, but I think that if you were my patient, and if we had walked into the operating confident that a lift wouldn't be needed, and at two weeks it looked like the implants were sitting higher than the breast tissue and skin. . . I'd say that's pretty normal.  The implants take a long time to become what they are going to become and so, like many things in plastic surgery, it may be that patience will get you where you want to go.

Second, you asked a great question in the title:  Can a big enough implant keep me from getting a lift.  That's a tricky one.  In the short term, big enough implants may help you prevent a lift.  In the long term, avoiding a lift by choosing bigger implants is less likely to work. It may put off the lift for a little bit, though.

When addressing that question, my reasoning tends to be this: choose a bigger implant only if you want the bigger implant.  

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Dr. Pyle

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