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Hello! I will be 6mpo next week. I had a BL with implant exchange. Pre surgery I was a 36DDD and am still the same size after my recent surgery. I went from 450CC Saline (BL was performed 13 years ago by the same PS) to the Natrelle SRX-750. I showed my surgeon what I wanted and he suggested I went with a 650-700 possibly a 750cc if it fit in my pocket. It did! But now I feel like they don’t look anything like I showed him. They are a lifted version of my pre op breasts and feel I am lacking the upper pole fullness which I so desperately wanted. I have my 6 month follow up next week and want to discuss my concerns with my surgeon. Before I do, I would like to know if this might have something to do with body type or if there is a way to correct this. I mentioned to the Nurse at my 2 month follow up that I loved the way my breasts looked right after surgery but then they dropped and fluffed. She said “if you went smaller we could have taken more skin out and they would be perkier” is this true? I feel like my surgeon should have mentioned that. Should my PS have chosen a different implant? If I went with a smaller implant will they be able to do another lift? The photo with the name crossed out was not my PS. It was the photo I showed as to what I wanted.
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Thanks so much for writing and asking.  I'm sorry you aren't happy. As a surgeon, we lose sleep over that sort of thing too.  

It also sounds like you have expressed that to your surgeon.  It may be that what can be done to create that shape has been done but that your natural breast tissue is too much to create a really round shape. 

I don't want to overstate what I am capable over the internet and I know it can be frustrating to not have what you desired to have. It's probably worth another conversation with your surgeon once you get past 9-12 months out. Things really do change over time, and more often than not, for the better.

If, at that time, you still find yourself wishing for and wondering what else can be done, if you and your surgeon don't see eye to eye, it may be worth getting a second in person opinion.

Have a great day, and thanks for being a part of Bustmob, 

Dr. Pyle

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