Question: Post Op Drop & Fluff for Mastoplexy

I had a revision Mastoplexy with implant exchange from 475cc sub muscular to 300cc sub muscular with pocket repair and strattice. I am currently 5 WPO and wondering how much dropping and fluffing might I expect over the next few months, compared to a straight breast augmentation?

That's a doozy of a question (I can say things like doozy because I'm a dad).

Revision surgery is about the most challenging kind of breast surgery and each case is dramatically different than most others.  Generally speaking, the dropping and fluffing part is more significant in the first operation than in revision operations, but it really depends on the person, the surgery, the tools used (like Strattice, which doesn't lead to as much dropping) and the body's reaction to surgery.  

Post-op questions are always a bit challenging via the internet.  I bet your surgeon can give you a more personalized answer than I can.

I wish I could be more helpful but I really appreciate your being a part of Bustmob, 

Dr. Pyle

Thank you for your speedy response, Dr. Pyle! Your answer was pretty much what I was expecting. Some fluff but not much drop because of the Strattice and pocket repair. My PS did an amazing job! Given my anatomy and all the complications that come with revision surgery, he was able to give me my idea of ideal breasts. They’ve been perfect since Day 1 post-op! A little fluffing would be icing on the cake! I have my 2nd post-op in a few weeks and will definitely ask him. Thank you for your time!
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