Question: Can breast plants make you sick?

Hey there, Since getting my breast implants 2 years ago, I’ve gotten pretty sick a couple times. I also started getting tingling in my fingers/hands. I’ve heard stories of women getting sick from their implants . I guess i wanted to see what the actual chances are of this happening. And what i can do to rule that out.
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Hi Krista,

Thanks for your question and I'm sorry to hear about your symptoms. While there isn't an official medical diagnosis, there are patients who have reported similar symptoms over the years, which has been termed 'breast implant illness.'

This is very different from the breast-implant associated ALCL that has been recently reported in the media. Suspicion for that condition would be associated with distinct symptoms (such as abrupt swelling in one breast) that are different than those that you're describing. If something like that were to occur, I would highly recommend contacting your surgeon for further evaluation.

Regarding breast implant illness, there have been many studies over the years looking into any association between breast implants and symptoms like you've described, and none have found a connection between breast implants and any disease. That being said, surgeons know that your symptoms are real and options may include further workup to attempt identification of any other conditions that may be causing your symptoms.

My best advice would be to contact your surgeon to discuss the options further. It is a conversation that plastic surgeons are accustomed to having with patients, and he or she would be the best source of guidance for your options going forward.

Best of luck!

Dr. Wood

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