Question: do I need a lift also?

I was just wanting a second opinion on if I also need a lift with my breast augmentation. The plastic surgeon I saw suggested a lift also with the implant. Im a small B and want to go to a D. I’ve had two children at a young age and due to that my breasts are obviously not in the shape I want them to be in. Do you also suggest a lift? I took the pictures right after I took my bra off so they’re a little more perky than normal.
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Hi Gabriella,

Thanks for your question. I think the answer for you relies primarily on the look that you have as a goal after surgery. If you are interested in more natural positioning of your breasts and implants, you may be happy with the additional volume provided with an augmentation alone. If you are leaning more toward an elevated look in terms of positioning of your nipple/areola and implants, then a lift would do a better job at achieving that result in combination with the augmentation. A 3D imaging system such as Vectra can also be a very useful guide in simulating how implants alone make look versus in combination with a lift so that you can tailor your procedure to your specific goals.

All the best!

Dr. Wood

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