Question: Ideal Breast Implant for reconstruction?

 If you have had a mastectomy, used tissue expanders, and needed no additional treatment such as chemo, or radiation; is the Ideal Implant an option?

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Thanks so much for being here and for your question.  It is very possible that an Ideal Implant could be used though it depends on your body, your surgeon, the hospital where it is placed and the availability of the implants.  I like some things about the ideal implant but because it only comes in 13 sizes (versus the many, many options of some other companies) my biggest concern would be making sure that the implant height and width are well suited to a person's frame at the size implant she desires.  In other words, it is sometimes the case that we have to decide which is more important: The type of implant or the type of result that implant is capable of.

All the Best in your journey!

Dr. Pyle

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