Question: One year post op implants too big

Hello, I am 14 months post op for breast augmentation and still so unhappy with my results.i went from a a cup to a d cup with 320cc silicone implants. I was very nervous prior to surgery and Passats concerned that was too drastic and big for what I was hoping to achieve. Fast forward a year and I still can’t live with them. They took forever to drop, i bee I’ve because of joe little breast tissue I had to start and my right breast is still so much harder and uncomfortable. I would love to do a breast implants change for a much more modest size.. I was reading a blog by one of your past patients and she had a wonderful experience- do you still offer this procedure under local anesthesia? Would I be ideal candidate and would the recovery be similar to the first surgery or less painful? I understand there are many factors that go into this. Thank you so much in advance. It’s wonderful to be able to ask questions!
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Hello and thank you so much for being here.

The short answer is:  Yes, implant exchange can be done under local anesthesia. It's one of my favorite procedures.

The decision on whether to use general anesthesia or not has a lot to do with what we are trying to achieve. Changes in volume that go down a hundred or so cc's or up a hundred or so cc's are pretty easy to accommodate. Going up or down more than that can be tricky and is kind of case by case.

Also, if we decide that just swapping out implants is not going to get you where we want to get, like if we need to tighten or loosen the space the implant sits in, sometimes it is best to go to sleep.  

It would be exceedingly unlikely that an exchange would be more painful than your first. It's much more likely that it's a good bit easier.

Hope this helps, please reach back out to us if we can be of any use!

Have a great day,

Dr. Pyle

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