Question: Too big?

Hi. I am petite (5’1” , 115 lbs), but have a wider chest (measured 12 cm). To accommodate my wider ribcage and contour my body, a HP 375 cc silicone implant was selected. I am freaking out b/c it looks so HUGE (I am currently a deflated A cup- sag from nursing). Am now reconsidering profile... I see that a moderate plus 300 cc would meet the same 12 cm width, but have less projection. Thoughts?
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You're right about the fact that high profile implants are higher volume at the same width. It's such a confusing concept but you seem to have a grasp of it. 

Regarding which is better. . . that's a tough question. It's the kind of thing we can usually get to after an hour in the office but over the internet, I'm afraid I won't be of much use. Have you discussed with a few people in your preferred surgeon's office?

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Dr. Pyle

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