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Hello, I’m trying to get the Max I can out of size. Nurse was telling me I cannot go bigger that 265 cc high. I highly doubt that would give me the look I want to achieve. I am 5’5 116. I measured at 10.7 cm diameter. I want a descent big chest that will give me good cleavage and a good amount of side boob. I want the center Y. I do not want huge balls placed on my chest like porn star fake. I am an 32aa to start What would you recommend given my measurements? I attached a file of my goal boobs
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Thanks for being here! might be worth checking out another office/ another surgeon.  That's not my go to for most people and my intention isn't to suggest you are at the wrong place.   However, there are some things there that make me a little nervous. Not that they are wrong, they may be exactly right.  

Here's my concern:  A high profile 265 cc implant is pretty narrow. My biggest concern with someone 5'5" with that implant is that it would fill the lower outer part of the breast but not the upper or cleavage areas very well.


Again, I may be totally wrong but if you got the opinion of a few additional respected surgeons it would likely either provide you with a wider range of options or peace of mind that this is the best choice.


Dr. Pyle

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