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I have excess skin under my arms. This skin is not my arm skin but rather what I refer to as side boob. I am constantly tucking this skin in my bra. If not for the side boob I would not have much boob at all. Can just this skin be removed? I do not have excess skin on my back. I have had gastric bypass, in 2004, and have excess skin around my mid section as well.
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Thanks for being here and for asking.  I see people about side boob (I apologize for using the word boob, it makes me feel unprofessional, but if I called it sidebreast I would look like a goofball) all the time. It's a thing lots of people hate.  It's why I offer liposuction of that area for free whenever I do a lift or reduction. 

There are a couple of solutions.  If it's just fluff, either coolsculpting or liposuction can work. If it is just skin, those things aren't useful and the skin needs to be addressed. That's usually through either something called a bra line back lift or as part of a breast surgery where the skin can be pulled tighter as a part of the surgery.  The difference between those options is pretty dramatic.  

On one side of the spectrum is something nonsurgical that costs less than a thousand dollars (coolsculpting). On the other side is a bra line back lift where you are asleep for 2 hours and have a scar that runs across the length of your back where your bra sits.  For most people, one of the in between options is where we typically end up, either liposuction or breast surgery. 

I'm happy to elaborate if you have more specific follow up questions.

Have a great day.

Dr. Pyle

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