Question: Additional cost/Areola reduction

Hello! I’m scheduled for a BA/Lollipop lift next month. In general, how much would it cost to add on an areola reduction?
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Thanks for being here and for asking. Price is a tricky thing as every office approaches cost differently and offers different things for the cost they charge.  I'll do my best though.

The areola is actually part of something that surgeons call the Nipple-Areola-Complex (NAC) and that refers to the pigmented circular part (areola) and the bump in the middle (nipple papule) and everything in between.  I tell you that just to tell you this: Just about every lift involves reducing the pigmented areola as a part of the lift. So if that's your goal, just make sure you communicate to your surgeon that a smaller areola size is important to you.

If you are really more interested in the reduction of the nipple papule, I would say that is a very specific conversation with your surgeon. It's not something I routinely do at the time of the lift for a couple of reasons but there is no absolute correct answer.

All my best,

Dr. Pyle

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